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DNS sever denial of service attacks - work around

Level 2

Could I suggest that the secondary DNS sever be specified ass a non TPG server.

For example or - that is the servers.

This can be changed on the Modem interface:

For example for tp-link VX220-62v go to the Advanced tab > Network > LAN Settings

and change the secondary DNS to - then Save the change.

This would have solved some issues experienced by customers during the DOS attack on the TPG DNS servers today (24 Dec 2023).

Better still have as a standard Modem configuration: 3 entries for the DNS servers and nominate a non-TPG server as the 3rd entry.

Level 2

I found that the V220-G2v modem only uses the Primary DNS entry. That is it does not use the secondary entry if the primary fails.

So to get past the DNS blockage, make the Primary DNS or