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DSL Service dropping out at least once a DAY!!

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Gday All and sorry if this has been posted previously.
We have been on FTTC for 3 months now and the first 6-7 weeks was flawless....... 

recently though, after returning home after a few weeks away, when we noticed we couldnt log into our NAS drive, when we got home we had to restart our Modem/Router.

Since then we have to restart it at LEAST once per DAY, or we have no VoiP and limited devices will connect to Wi-Fi. Mega Frustrating. 

Running supplied VR1600 modem and a variety of Win7/10/iOS devices. 

To say I'm getting Jack of having to Check if i have a home phone every few hours is an understatment. 

Have restarted NBN and Modem countless times.


Any help or guideance appreciated


Hi @ShaunC,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account and have run some remote test, but was not able to detect any fault on the NBN network.


We can see that the connection seems stable as of the moment. If the issue persists, please try to press the "reset button" on your modem for 30 seconds. The modem will automatically configure itself and reconnect to the server, however, if you changed any settings on it, it will be lost and will be back to default.


You may also check one of our community link which gives you tips on improving your WiFi connection at home.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,


Level 3

So this will wipe all my static IP addresses, guest network parameters and I suppose my user name and password for the admin control of the modem ??


and if I've changed no settings for my phone, why do I have no home phone 2-3 times today? 


If if my old Billion modem had VoIP I'd throw this archer one in the bin. The Billion one was soooooooo stable, even with the really old 7300 running as a range extender into the 7800 it was flawless. 


What at is the default username password? Admin admin? Because I deleted it. Doesn't seem like I have much Choice to restore it 


Hi @ShaunC,


Yes, all of the settings or changes that you've done in the modem will go back to its default settings once you reset the modem/router.


Once it is done and the issues still persist. We can verify that it is the modem issue which we can request to be replaced.


Yes, the default username and password is "admin".


Keep us posted if there's any improvement.


Kind regards,