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DSL light on, but no internet light on

Level 1a

HI there,

I received a text today to say NBN has been installed.

I have powered up the modem however the Power, DSL, 2.4 and 5 G lights are on - no internet light is showing.


Please advise



Hi @robandroger 


Welcome to the Community!


Using your community details as reference, I was able to check your installation status. Your NBN service service is not yet installed. Your installation is scheduled for tomorrow since a technician will have to connect your line at the Node. You're not required to be at home since the work will all be done outside. My apologies if there was a confusion on the SMS. From what I can tell, we sent you an SMS which only provides a link to a video on how you can set up your NBN connection. We did however send you an SMS back in August 4 reminding you of the installation schedule for tomorrow.


Let me know if you need further clarification or if you have other questions/concerns.