Data Usage Report

Level 2


I am allowed 50 GB peak data per month on my landline service.  Most months this is plenty but not always.  I used to go into my account to check my usage during a month and, if neccessary, I would concentrate my usage on offpeak times for the rest of the billing period.

In the last few months the daily update of my usage has becomme irregular, and I haven't been able to obtain an update for the last 2 weeks.  Do I have to wait until my service is reduced to snail pace to find out that I've used my allocation?

I rang your help line and was passed to three people (I had to explain the problem 3 times), but all I could get was the offer of new plans.  I'm not interested in a wireless service because I am not the only person in the house.  

If I could rely on daily usage updates 12 months ago, why not now?


Hi @annadonh1 


We'd like to check on the status of your case and see what we can arrange for you.


Please send us a private message with your account details.