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Delay in lodging NBN support ticket

Level 2

Can someone explain why after lodging a support call with TPG at 3 pm, after a severe lightning storm, it took them 9 hours to lodge a support ticket with NBN?

My neighbour, also affected, rang Aussie Broadband at the same time - he has an NBN appointment within 48 hours.

I call TPG and now have to wait 11 days for an NBN technician?

Level 2

Silence from TPG.


When it's fixed, I'll be gone.




Hi @Oxley


We apologies for the inconvenience.


The NBN technician schedules are managed by NBN Co, which we don't have any control.

We always demand for the earliest available schedule for our customers, unfortunately, the schedule given to you is the earliest available date.


We can't really answer your question in regards to your neighbour, as we depend on our wholesale provider (NBN Co) for the availability of their technician.



Level 2

Thanks for the response.


The issue isn't with NBN, it was the time take to raise a case with them.

In my street, after the thunderstorm, at least ten houses were affected - NBN FTTC box blown.

All of us called our respective service providers.  Almost all were repaired today or tomorrow morning.  I say "repair" laughably because all they do is replace the box.


Except me - I have to wait another eight days because it took TPG nine hours to raise a request with NBN.