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Dial up feels faster than my tpg broadband connection

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Really need some assistance asap, currently not a very happy customer because (see link)


0.2mbps upload.....


Am switching over to NBN via tpg within a couple of weeks (pre-signed up over a month ago).


Over the last two weeks I have noticed a steady decline in speed, (online gamer) very noticable.


Please contact me asap so we can work on a solution, this is hindering my internet experience.


Currently a very unhappy customer and would like that to change Smiley Happy


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Have been reading many posts on the community forum re "slow internet" "slow broadband" "slow NBN" and there is a lot of them. Now, with respect to the mods here (you got a tuff job!) but there's the generic response of.... oh, we're looking into it and everything seems fine on our end..... have you tried blah blah blah..... we are getting our technical team onto it......


I've been in contact with TPG previously about this issue and found them to be polite and helpful, but... slow net. here's another link of my current speed


tbh, I feel a bit jibbed.


I unserstand that distance to exchange is a factor, load on the network etc


I've reset routers (multiple times) wiggled and jiggled plugs and antenas (im a crappy speller) I've set channels to 1,6,11. Ive reinstalled windows. we dont have wifi home phones or leaky microwaves (not even a microwave actually) I've moved router to half a dozen places and still no improvement, tried the beer can reflector to direct signal


We have 2 ppl on wifi and 1 hard wired. even our hard wired connection running by itself still has crappy speed in off peak times. So you can imagine what its like when all 3 of us are on at the same time.... (ikr, 1st world problems)


Then i was like, hey i'll mobile hotspot and see if its my pc that has the issues... nope... download 35+/Upload 20+ Mbps. ** its nice playing a game on a stable connection (its honestly a new experience for me, been with tpg for about 1.5years and putting up with sub standard speeds, nice ppl to talk to on the phone but no real solution.


Im open to solutions, till then I will continue to spam click this thread to get the view count up in the hopes that I will get a response from the mods.




Hi @customer2017,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Apologies for the trouble.


We appreciate all the checks you've done to isolate this technical issue.


I've located your account using your community details and was able to complete a line test.


Currently, the initial test results does not show a physical line issue. I recommend to have one of our technicians to carry out further checks with you as there are other factors that would affect your internet speed.


Please send us a Private Message with your best contact time and number and we'll arrange this for you.


Please see this link for your reference on how to send a PM.




Hi @customer2017,


I can see that you've been in touch with our Help Desk team.


This case has now been escalated to our Engineering team for further assessment. They'll be in touch with you once additional information becomes available via SMS or phone call.


I've also requested our Engineering team to prioritised this case.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.



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Hi Erika,


Thanks for your prompt reply.


Talking to the tech team today and they ran a deeper line scan with my phone socket unplgged, turns out that this is a external issue and they are sending an engineer out to investigate within 24hrs. Tech support beleives it may be a partially severed line, we shall see.


Will post updates when more info is available








Hi @customer2017


I can see that this case has been coordinated with Telstra as our Engineers has identified a possible issue with the physical line in the exchange. 


A Telstra technician has been booked to check your TPG service anytime between now and 18 July. Your attendance is not required. 


Our Engineers will continue to provide you updates via SMS or phone call once updates becomes available. 



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Hi there,


Yes can confirm that telstra rep is been sent out, got a yesterday advising so, looking promising.



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Oh, just did a speed test, it looks like the tech may have fixed the problem (can u confirm this?), getting close to 1.0Mbps upload, down load is higher than it has ever been


(see link)


Will hold out for another day, if it stays stable, I'll definately confirm as resolved




Hi @customer2017


I can verify that the Telstra technician has repaired the physical issue in the exchange. This should have fixed this issue. 


Please let us know should you need further assistance.