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Disconnect second phone line after nbn installation

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I have just signed on to nbn through TPG. Our home had two phone lines into it. One of those numbers was transferred from Telstra to TPG for nbn and all is working well.


Today I tried to disconnect the second number (which was a number I previously used solely for TPG ASDL but was owned by Telstra). Telstra has informs me that I need to have TPG disconnect the second number. Is this correct as in my contract with TPG I did not even mention a second line existed.


What do I do now to have the number disconnected as it is no longer needed.




Hi Dahol7,


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Are you able to securely send us a private message with the phone number you wish to disconnect?




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Spoke to
Some today at TPG and was informed that it is a Telstra problem not a TPG issue.

Thanks David

Hi @Dahol7,


Thanks for letting me know. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you need any help with your TPG service. Good night! 


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