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I recently switch the TPG nbn plan. Everything was going great until 2 pm yesterday afternoon when I lost service. Tried contacting support via the online chat a srequested by TPG spent several hours trying to find out why and get reconnected. Suffered several drop outs whilst being transferred to a case manager. Finally was able to determine that my PRI ( whatever that is ) had been deactivated. Certainly not by me or anyone in my house.  Was told a case manager would contact me within 4 hours. We are nearly 24 hours later an no one has contacted me. At 11 am today I once again tried to get in the online chat and after a long delay was finally connected only to be told to wait. They once again tried to transfer me to a case manager but after no response after a long period of time I have given up on Te chat. I have tried 5 or 6 times to get a resolution but every time I get on they say they will tarsfer me too a case manager and I am just left hanging with no responses.  This is also chewing through my mobile data which I don't have a lot of.


can anyone offer any solutions. I need to the service to be  able to keep working and earn income to feed my family. 

I understand that this isn't an ideal time for an I issue like this 



any help appreciated