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I'm in the process of moving home. I used the online moving home site to transfer the account to the new address(ready to move). At no time was I able to choose a date. I then received an inappropriate date so I changed it. I then received another one so I changed that also. After my 3rd change i thought it was sorted. Now my internet has been disconnected a week early. I called tpg and asked about outages and was told I must signed up for another service provider. Another company has disconnected my account? I asked if this could be due to new tenants setting up their account to our address early and tpg said yes. Now I will be NBN less for another 2 days. No more apologies just fix your services.

Hi @Blackbug000


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This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have.


TPG will always request NBNCo for the available appointment of your preferred date for activation at your address. However, we cannot guarantee this as we work with NBN Co to provide this particular service, which means we are reliant on their scheduling.


I've located your account using your Community details and we see that the NBN FTTN services for your current address has been taken over by another service provider. Please note that this is not our doing and is not of our control. 


A request for the services to be put back has been made yesterday by one our Account Specialists. 

I've also now chased this for you. 


We will be keeping a close eye on your case and will provide you with updates where possible.



Level 1b
48 hours later. No change. Also the issue I had with the relocation was the website, when I asked when was there an opportunity to pick an address I was there wasn't one . That whole process is a waste of time unless you have already moved in. You might need to update your process to lessen the confusion of people.
As for the disconnection, hi often does this happen? Wouldn't someone have thought about this before? What's stopping a troll signing up to multiple free accounts and getting one month free on the addresses of all his or her neighbours? Isn't that a possibility too? Who is too blame?
Am I going to get charged for this?

Hi @Blackbug000,


Thanks for raising this with us and providing us your feedback regarding our online moving home page.


Although we always aim to provide the best possible customer service to all subscribers, we know that there's always a room for improvement and we take genuine interest to all customer feedback.


the issue I had with the relocation was the website, when I asked when was there an opportunity to pick an address I was there wasn't one . 

Let me check that I have this right, are you pertaining to the option to select an installation date for your new address when you moved home? 


We are dependent on our wholesale provider to connect your service, therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframes. We will do our best to process your application as quickly as possible. 


To avoid intruption for your current address, the installation for your new address will only commence after the nominated moving home start date. 


Furthermore, installation time frames will differ based on:

  • Address passing service qualification
  • The volume of orders and availability of NBNCo resources in a specific area
  • The type of work required to complete the activation
  • May require an onsite visit
  • May require work along the infrastructure (Node/Cabinet/Pit)


Due to these factors, we are unable to immediatelly post or provide you option for the activation for your new address. 


With regard to your current service, regrettably, this can occur on a very minimal occasion and is also experienced by majority of the Telecommunications Provider who re-sells NBN service. We've chased this with our Service Delivery team to be keen in managing the connection process and to apply pressure to NBN Co to obtain your service back. One of our case manager will be in touch with you as soon as additional information becomes available. 


We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to resolve your concern.




Hi @Blackbug000


I understand that one of our Service Delivery team has been in touch earlier and has confirmed with you that the services are back up now on your current address.



Should you need further assistance, please let us know.