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Disconnection with wifi connection

Level 1b
I've been experiencing disconnections with my wifi connection recently, with wired connection, no problem. But mostly devices or gadgets right now are connected via wifi. Can someone help? Thanks.
Level 7

Hi @Marcopolo17, It shouldn't be too hard to work out what's happening, can you provide some information like what model router or access point you are using and what type and model devices you're having problems with. Are you in a house or an appartment? This info will be helpfull as well.

Level 1b

Thanks for the response orbistat, the issue was sorted out, i hope so. The technician i spoke with assisted me in making changes on the modem settings yesterday. And up to now seems to be stable already. And recommended something about wifi analyzer? she mentioned there is no problem on my line and this is wireless disconnections that I was experiencing. I would also recommend having this app. It helped.
Level 7

Hi @Marcopolo17 good that you're sorted, yes WiFi analyser software is very usefull. If you have an iOS device I recommend using the AirPort Utility app, it's free and has a WiFi scanner built in.

 It's an official Apple app so doesn't have the pop up ads and bloating that some 3rd party apps have. With Android it's a minefield of good and mostly bad apps to choose from in this category. Good Luck