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Disconnects and Dropsouts

Level 1c

Internet quality is exceedingly bad this week, especially today, with download speeds varying between .5Mbps to 4Mbps, and in between that getting drops outs and disconnections, a few an hour that last for 30 seconds to a few minutes each time. Resetting the NBN/Router combo seems to work but only alleviates the problem for a few minutes before another disconnection occurs. 
Is there anything we can to do or are we stuck with this awful connection? Go back to ADSL Or maybe try another telecomms company


Hi @cfwschung,


We'd like to look into it further as we are able to detect that the connection is currently stable. However, I've checked the previous days and can confirm the dropouts that you've been experiencing.


We've run some remote test and was not able to detect any fault on the NBN network. We'd like to understand the situation. Are you experiencing the dropouts on a certain time or is it random?


Did you try to reset the NBN ARRIS Box as well or did you just reset the Modem/router?


Kind regards,