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Do TPG realise what will happen when they drop email support?

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I received notification that unless I migrated my email account to The Messaging Company in 5 weeks time, I will lose my TPG email accoount.


TPG have generously offered a honeymon period of 12 months until September 2024 where this will cost me nothing extra. After that I will have to pay a "very competive" but unknown amount to THE Messaging company, in addition to the unchanged amount I pay for the TPG Services that no longer include email.


I note that my wife has a linked TPG email address. SInce other mail service providers charge for each email address, I would then probably have to pay double to keep both addresses active.


Cool. So I'd have to pay more for my TPG email plus TPG RSV services than I would have to pay other RSVs who include email services.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely want to keep my TPG email account BUT there is then no reason to stick with TPG.
So if some other RSV offers me an internet or mobile service at a lower price, or with better features that TPG don't offer, what could possibly compell me to stick with TPG?


What will prevent customer mass migrations to other RSVs after September 2024? Where will the profit increase go if you have less customers?

This is just rank stupidity.

This is a message that needs to be passed to the ignorant management types with MBAs and no industry-relevant experience that make these really rather stupid decisions.

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TPG this is wrong totally wrong.

I have started a petition regarding this

I am also going to take this matter further to the TCO. By default an internet provider must provide a basic level of service including an email address. TPG wants to transfer this service to a third party provider thus slugging tpg customers another charge they didnt signup for.

NO TPG we wont stand for this.

You already outsourced all your customer service to Manila PH and now you want to cut more services.


NO WAY. Ive been a customer for 20 years now.

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At least you got notified directly. I don't go onto the TPG site other than to check in here when there are problems! But we access tog email via Outlook, and I would have expected that TPG could have emailed all customers with this news. Appalling customer relations.
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I think there's general agreement that the email migration is a really bad idea, at least from a customer perspective. It won't affect customers that ported to TPG that have their mail hosted elsewhere like or gmail, but it will affect many long-term TPG customers.

It makes good business sense to outsource services to reduce costs, but that has to be done with ideally zero negative impact on customers. Something like:
We will be moving our email hosting to Atmail, who will do a much better job of hosting TPG users email accounts, AT NO EXTRA COST TO CUSTOMERS!

Instead TPG are bullying and threatening their customers to do the migration themselves or lose their functioning email accounts. Oh, and generously covereing the first 12 months.

I think that's covered under Customer Relations 101: If you piss off customers enough YOU WILL LOSE THEM!

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What is an RSV? All I can find is "Respiratory Syncytial Virus" which seems to have little connection to TPG.

If you're going to use abbreviations which noone else on the planet has ever seen you won't get your ideas across...