Drop Outs NBN FTTN

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Hello again,


The last week we have seen an escalation in drop outs per day, and just recently the "line disconnected" message in the TPG provided TP-Link 1600v modems (we have a spare from last fault) and our TP-Link AC2800.


the disconnections make no sense as I can come home and find the connection only reconnected and hour earlier when no one was home for 7 hours.


they dont appear to be linked to peak traffic as again, all different times.


I know NBN had the fault last time, this is incredibly similar.


any help appreciated. 

thank you all


Hi @treffo,


Thanks for raising this with us.


I've run some remote test and was not able to detect any fault on the NBN network. It is also showing a stable connection as of the moment.


Please observe your connection and contact our Tech team directly on 13 14 23 (option 2 + 2) to receive a real time support.


Kind regards,