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Drop Outs NBN FTTN

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Level 1a
I’m also having the exact same problems it was fine last week. But this week it drops out 2-3 times a day

Hi @Rigberry,


Welcome to the community!


We have escalated your concern to our Engineering Team for further investigation. The Team will be in touch via SMS or a phone call as soon as the initial assessment is completed.


If you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via private message. Thank you.


Hi @Rigberry, our Engineering Team tried to contact you, but to no avail.


Please provide us your contact details via PM so we can advise the Team to process a callback.


Hi @Rigberry, our Engineering Team processed a callback, but it appears that the call was missed.


The Team is now working on sending an NBN Technician and they will be in touch via SMS or a phone call to discuss the technician visit schedule.


Let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you.

Level 3

Hi Shane A,

We have enjoyed a couple of months of trouble free service. Unfotunately, however, we seem to have a repeat of the same problem again. Here are the logs from today:

2018-04-01 16:53:00SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-04-01 16:53:00SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-04-01 12:01:01SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-04-01 12:00:57SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-04-01 11:58:19SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-04-01 11:58:19SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-04-01 10:56:12SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-04-01 10:56:08SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-04-01 10:53:39SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-04-01 10:53:39SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .
2018-04-01 10:53:42SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 connected.
2018-04-01 10:53:31SystemNoticeDSL connection is activated.
2018-04-01 10:51:09SystemNoticeWAN connection INTERNET_TR069_VOICE_R_VID_2:IPv4 disconnected.(ERROR_NO_CARRIER)
2018-04-01 10:51:09SystemNoticeDSL connection is deactivated .


No service outages reported as far as I can see.


Kind Regards,



Hi @Cross81,


We have checked the status of your connection and it appears to be stable at the moment.

We will see how it goes and if the issue persists, please let us know so we can investigate further.


Thank you.