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Drop outs & slow speeds, No resolution & case closed

Level 1c

Pretty dissapointed with TPG,

I have been dealing with constant drop outs and slow speeds for quite some time now.

Have had the line tested and a Technician out to be told that the issue is not with TPG but my lines internally,

No help whatsoever from TPG to get it rectified, just simply closed the case, would have been nice if they could have offered one of their Technicians to re-wire at my cost which I would have paid.

I have no idea how to get this sorted, If someone could give me some advice it would be muchly appreciated

as I have pretty unusable internet at the moment.





Hi @weaver84,


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We were able to locate your account and have reviewed the previous escalated case. We apologise if this was not properly explained to you during the conversation with our Engineering team.


Based on the records and reports from the technician that visited your premises, the connection coming to the Main distribution frame (MDF) is working well, however, the connection from the MDF to your unit wall socket has an issue. The internal wiring issue is out of the scope of our technician, in which we are not able to send anyone to you.


You may check this link from whirlpool which have a list of registered/licensed cablers.

Refer to: You may discuss this with your building manager.



We are NOT affiliated to any of them. The information provided is just for your reference.


Kind regards,