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Dropouts are back to high frequency ...

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A move to another ISP is the logical progression.


There's been another 7 dropouts (3 - 9 minutes long) since the last were noted tonight, this has been going on (more or less) since signing up for NBN nearly 6 months ago and nothing effective has been done about it. And all I'm hearing again is more of the same 'Case Closed' when the problem remains.


That looks to me like someone isn't doing their job, or the job doesn't include doing what it takes to fix my connection.


The bottom line is I didn't sign up to pay for a service that doesn't work when I need it, and I'm not convinced it's the best I can get.


I'll see what your Case Officer has to say and take it from there.


I hear you @markberk1. I can only imagine how frustrating this has been for you.


It appears that the Case Officer has already sent you an email. Should you need to follow up on the case, you may simply reply to the email. If you have other concerns, feel free to leave a comment.

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Hi @Will 


The CO says basically the same thing as last time ... "the service you are getting is the best in the current infrastructure".


To which I replied, basically ... you need to push NBN to fix infrastructure to provide proper connections to your customers. I have informed TPG a NBN/Telstra tech told me the copper on the other end is rotten - the usual cause of dropouts on FTTN.


Anyway, dropout rate decreased again a few days after NBN tech came. If it goes up again I will be making complaint again, and until a viable alternative comes along.


What a waste of manpower,  you guys on CS and techs coming out 6/7 times now. The resources spent could probably have been used to fix the wiring once and for all, if there was the will.


C'est La Vie.


Hi @markberk1,


I wish that there's a better resolution for your concern. As discussed previously, the NBN technician on July 30 reported that there wasn't any fault found on the line. This has been the same response we've received in the tickets we've raised to NBNCo in the past. Even after sending our own technicians back in March and April, the issue still persists. My apologies that we're unable to do more for your connection. Hence, why the Case Manager back in May has already advised you that the current service you're getting is the best that we can provide on the current infrastructure. You were given an option to keep the connection and account as is or check for an alternative service. This was reiterated on the email sent to you on August 5 as well. Let me know if you have other queries or concerns that we can look into.



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I hear you @Will and there is a better resolution. If the problem is infrastructure the solution is not a move to another ISP as infrastructure will stay the same. The solution is to fix that infrastructure, and given it is you (TPG) who has the leverage you need to be pressuring NBN to do their job properly.


NBN have said all along there is no problem on the line, but your own tech who visited early on said there is. And obviously there is or the connection wouldn't be dropping out so much. No, I think the FFTN on old copper wire is unfit for purpose and I believe it is common knowledge in the industry.


I'll just go on logging and reporting the dropouts when it gets bad enough.


All the best, for now. :-)