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Hi, for about 2 months now we have multiple dropouts a day. I’ve upgraded the plan to the faster one (50) in hope this may help with the dropouts and slow speeds. Unfortunately, the dropouts are getting worse and even though the speed is better, it never is more than 35 and not the advertised 50 we are paying for. When writing this message I’ve had 3 dropouts. It’s so bad, and I do a lot of work from home and starting study in a week. I need urgent help with this service. Username is xxxxx and live in Mornington Vic.


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Hi @Aneta82


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Thank you for raising this with us.


I used your community details to pull up your account and check what's affecting your service. After performing tests and investigation, we detected a possible fault that may need to be checked by an NBNCo technician.


I have already escalated a ticket to our Engineering Team to help us in resolving this issue. Please expect a call from one of our Engineers before 9PM VIC tonight. I provided the mobile number noted in your account as your contact number. If you have a preferred number for them to call you on, please send me a PM. For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community