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I have home phone and internet, ihave these random dropouts on my line my internet is painfully slow can't do anything on it and my landline drops out of dialtone. UDP connections are not possible with that much loss in ping. TPG send their tech and he found no dialtone the went to telstra and telstra say all good then telstra came again and said all good. I suffering for this for past 2 weeks there seams to be no solotion should i just run to optus or some other company i can get my model logs to prove i have dropouts on my line but I want my line fixed I am a software engineer and really need my internet planny to start my own business while tpg stands with no solution.


Hi adityamundhalia,


It is best to wait for the conclusion of the current investigation. Another TPG tech appointment was arranged to check further since there was no issue found within the Telstra network. Transferring to another ISP will not resolve the issue if it is with the internal cabling. We have already shown our desire to resolve this matter by requesting several times for tech visits.