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bad connection for online gaming

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when i play multipayer online gaming i always have a red bar showing that my connection is bad?who should i ask to fix this problem??

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Hi @jerrymeighan

I have exactly the same issue and I'd like to know...
Are you able to get a good speed with your Internet?
Do you also have a slow connection on other devices?
How are you connecting with your devices?wired or wireless?



Hi jerry,

I have a 100mbps Service with Speedtests at 98mbps however I still have that red bar with over 300ms Ping.

The reason for that is the server i am connecting too is in the US and unfortunately it loses a lot of latency when connecting to the US Server.

I even went to the extent of using google DNS to no avail

Tell the community a little more about your connection?

What connection are you running? what speeds is that connection ( from local tpg/iinet/internode/apt mirror) Where is the host server held? Is there any local mirrors? Have you tried to ping/tracert the host server and see how many hops you are travelling and does it look weird? Eg hopping from Mel to Perth to Syd to US?