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Dynamic IP not identified as Australian

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Last week for some reason I was unable to get into some streaming services (such as Disney Plus) as it told me the service was not available in my region. I do not have any VPN, so this was rather strange, and I have previously been able to access Disney Plus. At the time, my public IP address was  Doing a lookup on this address showed sometimes Sydney, sometimes Perth. But obviously Disney thought it was from another country.


After disconnecting my NBN and reconnecting it, I was then issued with a new IP address, and Disney recognised this as being from within Australia.


Why are some IPs being issued by TPG being flagged by streaming services as being from another country?


Hi @visitjonathan,

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Thanks for raising this to us, we tried to check the posted IP address it shows owned by TPG and located in Australia you may also check it on google for verification, if this only happens on Disney Plus It could be a possible glitch on their end.


In the event that you experience the same issue, please take a screenshot or photo of the error message for additional reference.