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NBN Speed is Inconsistent (North Gold Coast)

Level 2

Just wondering how it's possible to troubleshoot an NBN connection.

I have FTTP, and it's been up to 75mbps briefly once, but most of the time it's between 25 and 50mbps, and I'm on a 100mbps plan.

I also have occassional drop outs (but no more than a few seconds.)

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet as my main device. Most of the time there is only my iPhone and the Surface on the network. The Surface is attached by Ethernet via a Netgear PLP2000 which has always been fast. I used to get 80mbps during the day.

I tried to connect to the NBN box in the garage via Ethernet to troubleshoot, but couldn't get anything other than WiFi, so probably plugged in to the wrong port...? Images of connection attached.

Level 12

Hi Chris. Have you tried a speed test using the 2.4G network? Its signal strength is a bit better than the 5G.

I don't know much about FTTP but were you notified to use the Uni-D2 port? I think only one of the Uni-D ports is active. You can't just connect to another port.

The best speed can be obtained using ethernet device (connected to the wifi router) and try it at different times of the day.


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