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Email addresses moving to the messaging company

Level 2

TPG have acquired, merged, bought out so many companies that are all operating their own email systems 

Vodafone, TPG, iiNetAAPTInternode, Lebara and felix


Some of these would be huge, and have multiplle people managing multiple email server clusters - at least 5

They just dont want to spend the money on management any more.

Would have been smarter to to better mail integration at the time of merger. eg TPGTelecom Group

This is going to effect a huge number of users and I think its going to hurt these very recogniseable Brands long term.

Anyway - im probably one of the lucky ones- and will migrate tomorrow/monday.

I use this address as my sign up to multiple (over 20) service from Netflix and as a alarm email for my NAS.

So now Im going to have to dig through all those services and prepare another address and use it instead

Level 2

Cancelling the email address that I have held with TPG for the past 20+ Years is going to COMPROMISE THE SECURITY of every Bank Account I have, of my Goverment accounts, my Medical accounts. You are risking everything I have just to save a few dollars. You Bastards should get fined Millions over this.


And NO I won't be using your SHONKY Alternative email service.

I will be telling everyone I know avoid TPG/iinet and all your fking Subsidiaries.



Level 4

I worked in IT in high level support for over 30 years. During that time I was constantly reminded of how IT service ignorant most managers were. Srories of the  number of times I saw money-saving policies cost even more money, or lose customers would fill a book. Almost without exception senior management are totally out of touch with the details of the operation they are managing.


So I'll ask a simple question? What can TPG as a group do to make their products more attractive when they cost more than products from other RSVs and provides less services? More reliable when they depend on the NBN or Vodafone's spotty 5G service? Really?



Level 3

I asked TPG if our cost will decrease when TPG has migrated email to TMC. The response, as expected, is that "TPG email is/was provided as a free service". And that is why the email service is so unrealiable and they do little to nothing to deter spammers and the like.


We only keep our email with TPG as it would be a nightmare migrating to another provider. I expect that TPG want to unload the email as it takes up well over 70% of their resources, then they can shut down overseas help! Perhaps TMC will improve the experience!


So why would you want to then stay with them for their internet services only?? I suspect this will kill their business.


Level 2

Not sure what idiot made this decision. Don't they know the only reason half of us stick with TPG is because we can't be bothered changine our emails. If our emails are hosted with a third party we will be free to bail on TPG and go anywhere we want. Stupid Stupid Stupid. 

looking at superloop's plans right now