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Email migration - slave and alias addresses

Level 3
Level 3

I'm having some issues with the migration.


On our account we have 4 tpg email addresses. I believe 1 is the main tpg account, and one is an alias (my partner uses these two) and I think my 2 addresses are slaves. I can't find my addresses at all under 'my account'.


I think we have migrated the 2 alias accounts, but when I try to migrate my email addresses I don't receive a verification number by email. I have tried 3 or 4 times on my two addresses.


Can you please clarify what has been transferred to TMC and what hasn't; and how I get my emails transferred over?


Hi @qak,

We can take a look at your email accounts and provide some more info about what's happening with the migration.

Send us a private message by following the steps listed here and we'll follow up with you there.