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Email deletion after 45 days

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Hi, I just logged into me TPG post office email and all my emails I had placed in folders have been deleted.

This has not happened previously and I had alot of important emails stored in the folders.  I was aware that anything in the deleted folder would be auto cleaned out after 45 days however this is the first anything older than 45 days in every folder has been deleted.  I urgently require those emails and hoping you can reinstate them.


For other people's benefit POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3. It was designed to support "offline" email processing. When you open your mailbox, new mail is moved from the email server and saved on your personal computer. While the emails not yet downloaded and deleted from the email sever, they can be viewed from any Internet connection.


Your emails will only be temporarily stored in the TPG Post office, if you have a POP3 email account. All emails older than 45 days will be deleted automatically. Also, each folder only allows you store 40MB of emails. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. Also, each POP3 account only allows you store 40MB of emails across all folders. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. A warning in Post Office will appear when your mail account is over 90% of the 40MB level. If you wish to keep email permanently, you should upgrade to an IMAP email account.


Regarding your particular concern @bigashmusic though we cannot give any guarantees that your emails can be retrieved, you can check with


Kind regards,

Joseph D