Email hacked

Level 2

My email account was hacked. They changed all my details to blank except the first name and the address first line. I have managed to reset my password but I cannot change my first name in my Details. It say "Slave" but the field is not accesible when I tried to update my details.


Hi @tost88


Thanks for raising this with us.


We'd like to check your mail account for further checking.

Please send me a PM with your Email address.



Level 2

I think you should contact the support service of the mail you use and describe the situation. You also need to enable two-factor authentication for your account and change your password to a more reliable one. Now you can see a lot of requests on the web about how to find a professional hacker, so you should think about why exactly hackers needed to hack your email. Perhaps important data was stored there, or someone from your friends wanted to get access to your personal information. Think about it.