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Email not getting through even though it sends correctly from other email address

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I have set up a new business and email from my tpg email address sends to this email address but it doesn't arrive when I reply from the new domain email address or compose a new message to this email address. When I send to gmail or other email addresses the emails get through even when I cc them. 


I am hosting the new email address so have tracked the delivery and it says that it was accepted (by tpg) but it doesn't show in my inbox or junk mail. I have even included it as a safe sender but that doesn't fix the issue.


On a side note I also had problems receiving a verification email from a job application website a few weeks ago, in the end I had to use a different email address as they couldn't find anything wrong on their end.


Why is tpg not passing through my messages? can you please fix it.



Hi @anitadaum . Are you looking in TPG Post Office folders for your missing mail?

Send an email to detailing your problem. Include dates, approx times, subject, sender and receiver email addresses for your missing emails.

Level 2

Thanks David, I've just put in a call to the helpdesk, but the email address for missing post will be helpful if I have a similar problem in the future.