Email not sending

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I use email via post office.

It was working yesterday with sending and receiving.

Today, I can only receive emails. I cannot send emails. ie nothing happens when I press "Send". Just grey.

There are people who tell me that they have not received emails which I sent.

This is becoming more and more frequent.

What seems to be the problem?



Hi @tchung,

Let us see what causing this issue and rectify this, could you take screenshot when the 'Send' email button grayed out and post on this thread for reference.

Also shoot us a PM With the affected E-mail address. 

On the other hand try these troubleshooting steps below.

  • Perform Clear cache and cookies on the browser.
  • Use Different Browser.
  • Restart the Internet or connect via Mobile Data Hotspot.

Let us know how it will go.

How to send a PM? 



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I'm having the exact same problem. When you figure it out can you cc me too?

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Well, this morning I sent an email using the web interface and it worked! They must have (silently) fixed the problem.