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I have recently noticed that important emails that I need are not being delivered to my inbox. In addition to some emails not getting thru, a lot of emails take days to be delivered to my inbox.

I recently made a booking with Princess Cruises. Hoever I did not recieve the booking. I recently applied for a Good 2 Go pass to enter Western Australia, I did not get the email with the approved pass. I hate to think how many emails I am not getting and this is my main post Office. I do have a GMail account as a backup and the emails are getting delivered to GMail, but I only check that if I suspect there is something wrong with my TPG account. I have had trouble with this before so I have turned off ALL Spam filters and I have even put princesscruises in the filter to deliver it to my inbox. All to no avail.

Please investigate as this is getting rediculaous if my main inbox is not getting all the emails addressed to me. I could be missing out on bills and I would not know.


Hi @tads1981


We'd like to check on this further.

Please send me a PM with the email addresses and date/time of the emails you are receiving late or did not receive at all.


We'll raise this to our Post Masters for investigation.