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Emails from tpg being treated as Junk by Bigpond

Level 2

All my Emails from my Email Address are either not received or are going into the Junk mail folder in all recipiets with a bigpond Email address,

Have a suspicion it may have something to do with my internet provider is Telstra  but I use TPG for my email. I can only send emails to less than 20 people because of this difference. I have a frievnd where he has TPG email and Service provider is ALDI (Telstra?) and the same thing happens

Several of my friends have gone into their Junkmail folder and marked me as a safe sender but that dosent stop stop my emails going into the junk folder


Hi @rnballinger


While our system admin team may explore these options, it would also be best if the intended recipients raise these matters as well with their provider.