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Emails taking over 30mins to arrive

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RE: Emails arriving very slow to TPG email address

I am trying to do a registration to a website, it is sending me a verification email that has a 30min time limit. Since yesterday evening I have attempted this 7 times and not had the email arrive in time for any of the events to meet the 30min window.


Hi @rsmtg ,


Are you accessing the TPG email using email client or directly to TPG post office


In the event that you are using TPG's post office, we suggest to raise this directly to our postmaster by sending email to


simply include the affected/delayed e-mail address with your TPG credentials.




Level 6

You are lucky to be given a 30-minute window! Try 60 seconds! I eventually gave up on using my tpg email address and switched to something else. The weird thing is, since the change, I was never asked again to type  in a verification code sent to me via email!


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