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Enough, enough is enough seriously... happy to take my money but in return...the worst service!!!!!!

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We have to pay TPG a fee for NBN, in return all we get is a service that does not provide constant coverage. We are using all of mobile data because there isn't a constant conection in the house. We pay a monthly fee to netflix which we ca't even watch a full episode of anything, EVER!!!!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY TPG, enough is enough. You tell us that we have a good connection whenever we are on the phone to you, IF WE CAN GET THROUGH, the rest of the time when we are not......Surely youv'e got the picture. Bet ya the fat cat at the top of the tree has no concerns for us mere mortals, WHAT A DISGRACE TPG.


Hi @lemmonpad5


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Your modem is currently detecting a sync speed from the line which you can confirm when you log in to your modem's user interface. It appears that the problem is getting the result to show up on your devices. It's possible that the trouble you may be having could be WIFI-related (signal interference, distance, weak signal) if you're using a WIFI connection only.


If you are using a Smart TV when watching Netflix and the TV is connected over Wi-Fi, there is a possibility that the signal is not strong enough hence the outcome of slow loading of the videos.


You may check out these articles related to Wi-Fi connection issues:

If possible, you may connect your smart TV to the modem using a LAN/Ethernet cable for better watching experience. 


Let us know should you require further assistance. 



Thank you!