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Error 452 4.5.3 [TPG-R02] Too many rcipients

Level 2

I am trying to send an email to about 30 recipients.  I get a reposnse from TPG 

Server error: 452 4.5.3 [TPG-R02] Too many recipients


I have reset the router that that connects to NBN with the hope I will get a new IP address lease.


The problem still persists


Any suggestions please



Level 14

Hi @manij . A new ip address won't help.

Have you been able to email this exact number in the past, or has the list grown over time and it has hit the limit?

Can you split the list and send two emails?

Level 2

Hello David64


Thnak you for your response


I have joined a email group with about 31 recipients - not a very long list


I get the error message when I reply to any message from the group


I want to leave the group as one list if possible.  All other members don't seem to have a problem


thx   mani