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Every second week or so, I lose the ability to upload for several days, with slower download too

Level 1b

Every second week or so, my internet stops working properly for several days. Download works slightly, but upload doesn't work at all.

Without the ability to upload, you cannot access many websites and internet services, because your computer needs to send a bit of information to access those sites.

I called TPG support yesterday. It took 20 minutes to get them on the phone the first time. Then the support person tried to tell me it was just a problem with my WIFI, and didn't seem to want to help me fix the issue.

It's not a wifi issue. I cannot even upload from my computer with the cable attached.

The second time I could not reach TPG support despite waiting on the phone for 30 minutes.

It seems that TPG has done what Telstra did. It has become too greedy, and has taken on too many customers without providing sufficient support for those customers (to save money). 

If cannot reach TPG on the phone tonight, I will probably move to another company and I recommend others with the same problem to do the same.

Big companies like this need to be taught to respect their customers and not be too greedy.

A recent customer survey by Choice found TPG was rated one of the lowest Internet providers for technical support:


If anyone has had my particular problem, I would appreciate some advice.


Level 1b

Forgot to mention I did the TPG speed test several times, and the test gave an error on the upload portion of the test. Zero upload ability.


Hi @ndlives


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for raising this with us. Let me take a look at your account so we can pinpoint what needs to be addressed.


Can you PM me your customer ID or username and service address? We already tried checking your records using your community details but we're not able to find a match.


How to PM? Refer to this link.




Hi @ndlives


Thank you for your PM. Unfortunately, the username still doesn't match any of our records. However, the ticket number helped and I was able to pull up your account using it.


I can see that you have already spoken to our Engineering Team earlier today wherein you have confirmed that the service is already working normally. Based on the notes, there's a common issue but has already been resolved.


Let us know if you still need technical assistance from us.