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Experiencing high latencey on Singapore game servers

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My son and I play Apex Legends on Singapore and North American game servers. Playing on Australian servers is not an option as there are not enough players to start a match. When we were with MyRepublic our ping to the Singapore server was around 100ms. With TPG we get 230+ms. My friends who also play Apex and are local to me and they get between 100-120ms to the same Singapore server via different ISPs. (see attached).


This subject has been raised on this fourm previously, but no solution was publically posted.

It appears that TPG is using a poor route/third parties into Singapore. Can something be done to improve this situation?


Hi @okg853jr,

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for raising this to us. We'd love to help and see what causing high latency on this particular game. To better understand the situation, please perform the tests below and shoot me a private message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file). 

How do I private message (PM) in the community



To conduct a continuous ping, ensure that none of your other PCs are doing internet activity.
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "ping <IP address> -n 1000" without the quotations.
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000

Wait for the test to finish and for the PING STATISTICS, found at the end, to show up.
Save the screenshots.

We should have 3 ping test results.


To conduct a trace route,
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "tracert" without the quotations.
EXAMPLE: tracert

Perform another trace route to your game server.

Save a screen shot of the traceroute results.


For speed tests, please run the speed tests at :
Please just get a screenshot after the test is complete.
Please don't forget to indicate the timestamps for these tests.

and send all the screen shot of the test result.