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We have TPG ADSL2+ for a few years. But recently the download/upload speed reduced to unbelievable 0.01 Mbps. We tried all sorts of solutions - restart, run phone/cable line without filter etc. but all failed. Could you please check my account/line and let me know what went wrong?


My TPG user name is xxxxx and user ID is xxxxxx





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Thanks for raising this to us, we're sad to know to know that you're having issues with the speed of the service. We're able to ran an initial test using your given details and the result shows that the service is getting a passing speed on the line also stable for  22h 3m.

To better understand the situation please post the speed test result on this thread, also confirm what devices are affected. In the event that device(s) connected via Wi-Fi are having speed issues, it could be caused by Wireless Interference.

We did an article that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to improve the Wireless connection at home. See the links below.


Let us know how it will go.



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Hi Shane,
Thanks for your reply. I have computers connect to the router with Ethernet cable as well as mobile phones connecting through wireless. All experience the same problem.
I attache the TPG speed test page for your reference. It couldn't even make the connection through.
I also attache a 3rd party speed test (OZspeedtest) page for your reference which only returned a download speed of 0.01Mbps.
Occasually when I re-boot the router the connection speed can resume to just under 20Mbps but it only last say around 10 minutes. And not every re-root could achieve that.

In addition, I tried to switch off the firewall but it have no difference. In fact the firewall was on all the time when the speed at 20Mbps in the past.


Hi @polaris1002


Thanks for the update.


We've tested the line and it shows that the modem is getting a 24.5 Mbps Downstream and 1.02 Mbps Upstream, which is good for the ADSL2+ service.

If you are uploading files online and is consuming the whole upload bandwidth, then it will cause a data traffic within your service.


To check on this further, we'll arrange a call from our Tech team to help you with the troubleshooting.

Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted today or tomorrow.