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FTTB Intermittetnt Internet disconnections

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Hi. I live in Potts Point. For the last few days I have been experiencing intermittent outages whilst using my FTTB internet connection.


I have rebooted my modem several times, completely unplugging it from the wall and rebooting. I have rebooted by laptop and iphone several times.


But the issue is till happening. Webpages won't load; I can't log into websites; I have to refresh a page between 1 and 3 times in order for it to load or to log in.


I live in Kings Cross (Potts Point). Can you pleaes advise what issues may be present on the FTTB network. Thanks


Hi @marksimpson01 


We'd like to run some tests on the line in order to identify the possible fault.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.