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FTTB abnormal downstream rate

Level 2

Current Plan: FTTB M Bundle

Moved into current apartment 2 weeks ago, heard about the TPG FTTB speed of 90+Mbps down and 35+Mbps up before. Found a lot of TPG FTTP customers on ‘’ who posted their speedtest results with approx. 93Mbps downstream speed in high-rise buildings. So I chose the TPG FTTB plan and it was installed 3 days ago. 
I can not achieve 90Mbps downstream speed via cat5e ethernet cable all the time and the default tplink-VR1600v modem reported some errors with my DSL connection.dsl.JPG
Tried my best to get 81Mbps download speed (tested serveral times after installation)
Additionally, I'm a perfectionist of internet speed and have done some prior research on VDSL2.0. Have checked the internal DSL sockets in my apartment as well as the junction box. As far as I can tell the issue is not due to the length of the cable from MDF room to my apartment. Suspect that the unreliable wiring in the MDF room may causes this issue. Futhermore, I can't sleep well as this strange cyber issue would control my dream.
Could someone from TPG please assist in getting to the bottom of these abnormal downstream rate as I rely on a steady internet connection for work and I am close to switching to a different provider to alleviate this issue.

Hi @jasonxiec137


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've located your account using your Community details. 


Appreciate all the checks you've done to isolate this issue. 


I've done remote tests and the results shows no physical line fault on the line. 


I would recommend to have one of our technicians to reach you to investigate on this further. 

Please let us know your best contact time and number via PM and we'll arrange this for you. 


For your reference, please see this link on how to send a PM. 




Hi Jason, 


Thanks for sending your details via PM. 

I've now arranged a call from one of our technicians today between 1:00pm - 2:00pm. 


We would appreciate if you'll be at home during the time of call as our technicians would like carry out simple checks with you to eliminate any possible equipment issue. If this time is not suitable, please let us know and we'll have this rearrange for you. 




Hi @jasonxiec137


I can see that this case has now been escalated to our Engineering team and they've also been in touch with you today to arrange for a TPG Field technician to be dispatched. 


A TPG Field technician has been booked tomorrow, 26 June between 8:00am - 12:00pm. The technician advise of a need for entry to the premises to fully check your connection. This means we require you or a person over 18 years of age to be home for the appointment.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 

Level 2

Thanks for arranging a technician to help me address the issue. He checked carefully both the MDF room and the krone box in my kitchen. The sync speed is 90+Mbps from MDF room and the result from the krone box in my kitchen is just the same as the wall socket which is 80+Mbps. So he suspected that some joins between the MDF room and my premises may cause line attenuation or interference. Although the issue still exist, I am satisfied with your response and arrangement. 


Hi @jasonxiec137


Thanks for looping us in. 


Your case is still being handled by our Engineering team and it seems that you've missed their call yesterday afternoon. 


They'll provide you their conclusion and your confirmation for this case. 


Should you have a preferred contact time for the engineers, please let us know so that I can rearrange this for you.