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FTTB - way too slow - any fixes

Level 3

Guys, I’ve FTTB - typical evening speeds at 90MBps 

i haven’t noticed anything more than 6 MBps. It’s 8:30 AM on a weekend and the download speed is less than 5 MBps.(considering this isn’t the peak of the hours.. not to say what happens during peaks !).

is there any problem with the connection ? Any possible solutions I can work on ??


I have 1600 modem provided by TPG and I connected to the network (on 5G) as advised by the technician.


Appreciate your help on this. Cheers



Level 5

Hi @kirankr29


TPG uses TP Link VR1600 for FTTB.

Can you check the actual sync speed of the modem?


just enter the default gateway address. It should be


It will ask for a username and password and the modem's default Username is admin and the password is also admin


after you log in just go to advance tab on top then click on status on the left side


in status look for a Table named ADSL at the buttom and you should see the actual internet Sync Speed

the Current Rate (kbps) is the actual speed that the modem is getting from TPG


If the current rate is low there might be a line fault that need to be fix either on TPG network or by a Technician

If the current rate is good then it could be a local network issue such as wireless interference or bandwidht sharing issue on your local network.



Hi @kirankr29,


We've run some remote test and was not able to detect any fault on the FTTB network. It is also shown that the modem is getting an excellent sync speed.


Since you are connected via a WiFi connection, you might need to check our community link with instructions on how to improve the wifi signal in your home as interference might be evident. Click this link.


Have you also tested the speed via Wired connection directly to the modem? If not, are you able to run a speed test via a wired connection to compare? This will help us understand the nature of the issue.


Kind regards,