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FTTN Installation day

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I've ordered a transfer from adsl2+ to nbn on fttn, since that is the only one available and also received a huawei modem, it said that my installation will complete on friday, 6 october and currently both my internet and phone line does not work. 


Is this part of the process of fttn installation? Is this normal?


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Hi @Meis, when TPG notifies you that your NBN service becomes active, it should be working. Have you set up the new Huawei modem yet? There's some info here on Community at would also suggest calling Technical Support 131423 as they should be able to assist you. 

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Hi @Luna, I called up technical support and has resolved this issue. Thanks for your input Luna! Greatly appreciated!

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Great to hear, @Meis!


The 2 tricks to remember when setting up NBN FTTN is:

* Set up the NBN modem TPG sends you (the ADSL modem will stop working when the NBN is installed)

* Be aware that your telephone handset now needs to be plugged into the NBN modem (not plugged into the telephone wall socket anymore)


More info at




Enjoy your NBN!