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Factory reset my TPLink router

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I need to do a factory reset of my TP Link router (part of an NBN FTTC install).  Unfortunatley a password reset was done and the password was misplaced.


After the reset where do I find the setting details I need to connect the NBN etc corrently.  I have my TPG account and I'm not worried about any local LAN settings.  Its all the PPPoE (and so on) settings for the internet.


Kind regards



Hi @robandanna . This is for VR1600 but same settings are used  on other models.

Go to Advanced, Network, EWAN.

VLAN ID: Enable


Internet Connection Type: PPPoE

Username: your username

Password: your password and confirm it

Bottom of page: SAVE


You might need to check Bandwidth Control.

Here are suggested settings for the different NBN speeds.

Try running TPG's speed test several times. If it always completes, leave it as is. If it fails to complete, use the value for your speed in the Total Upstream Bandwidth and enable it.


- If you have an NBN12 plan, enter a maximum of 950kbps
- If you have an NBN25 plan, enter a maximum of 4950kbps
- If you have an NBN50 plan, enter a maximum of 19500kbps
- If you have an NBN100 plan, enter a maximum of 19500kbps*
- If you have an NBN250 plan, enter a maximum of 24500kbps
- If you have an NBN Ultrafast plan, enter a maximum of 49500kbps

If you still have a 100/40 plan, this number could be 39500.