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Factory reset of Netgear XR1000

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Hi all,

I had to do a factory reset of my Netgear XR1000 and going through the Internet setup again and I was looking at the question "Does your internet connection require a login?".  From memory, it was yes, PPPoE, username and password, but I can't recall WHICH password this was.  It's a NBN COAX connection.

I thought it may have been the password when logging into the TPG website, but that doesn't appear to be working.  It's been a few years since this was originally setup.

I'm not asking what the password is, but is this a TPG issued password, password for their website or something else? 

Can anyone shed a light?  Thanks in advance.


Hi @Kopen . The settings are PPPoE, username (try it with and without and password. The username is the first part of your TPG email address. The password should be the same as you use to login to MyAccount.

It sounds like you have HFC connection (black NBN box).

The other consideration is type of plan: Bundled NBN/VOIP plan (VLAN ID 2 is used), or Data Only plan (VLAN ID not used). 


To set VLAN ID 2 and Priority 0:

Login to router. The Dashboard displays.
4. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > VLAN/Bridge Settings. The VLAN/Bridge Settings page displays.
5. Select the Enable VLAN/Bridge group check box. The page expands.
6. Select the By VLAN tag group radio button. The page expands.
7. Click the Add button. The Add VLAN Rule page displays.
8. Specify the following settings:
• Name. Enter a name for the VLAN tag group. The name can be up to 10 characters.
• VLAN ID. Enter a value from 1 to 4094.     2
• Priority. Enter a value from 0 to 7.              0
• Select the check box for a wired LAN port or WiFi port. Select all LAN ports and wifi.
9. Click the Add button.
The VLAN/Bridge Settings page displays again. The VLAN tag group is added to the table on that page.
10. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.


If still not working, you could try the Forgot Password option.