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Home internet is continually dropping out...reconnect for only 1min then drops out again. Been happening for last 4-5 days all day and night. Supplied Modem getting extremely hot. Can you help fix this?

Hi @21091958m 


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I was able to go over your usage history and it appears that the connection dropouts has been occurring for more than the 5 days you've mentioned. So for us to have a better understanding how we'll proceed with this case, can you confirm for us the following:

  • Does the modem power off when the connection drops out? Or which specific lights go out on the modem when you lose the connection?
  • When you mention that the modem gets extremely hot, does that mean that it's no longer tolerable to touch?




Hi @21091958m 


Thanks for confirming via email that your modem stays on except for some lights that go out when you lose the connection and also for advising us that the modem is warm but no too hot to touch.


After additional tests, we have raised this case to our Engineering Team for investigation. An Engineer will reach out to you via SMS or phone call once an update is available.