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Forced to buy a new modem when applied to upgrade from NBN50 to NBN100

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My landlord lady called TPG to update to NBN100, was told that we need to wait till the next billing cycle starts from 14th November coz we already paid the bill, then TPG didn't say anything else, so we thought we just need to wait till that day and TPG will upgrade it.


Until around 10th November, my landlord called TPG again to make sure the upgrade on several days later will be done.  Then TPG told that we need to buy a new modem from TPG to replace the old one and sign another one year contract or they won't let us upgrade to NBN100. 


Here is my QUESTION

1) The modem is a Huawei with 300mbps, it works well all the time, how could TPG decide that it is too old to use?

2) Even if I take one step back, OK we assume the modem is too old as TPG said, but why TPG did not say anything about modem replacement when we call them on the first time to apply for the upgrade? They told us the replacement only a couple of days before the upgrade, it was also us that called them, or I suppose that we will never know this ‘replacement condition' if we did not call TPG.


10 days already passed since the new NBN100 plan which originally started from 14th Nov, the modem is still on the way! Really terrible customer service and experience.


Hi @Kyle0420,


Thanks for raising this to us. We'd love to help see what happened in this case, upgrading NBN plan does not require to upgrade or change the modem/router used in the old plan. We tried to use your community details to pull up the account, but it shows inactive account. To better understand the situation, shoot me a private message together with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file). 

For reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community