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Formal Complaint re; technical issues

Level 2
I would like to make a formal complaint. I have been without internet for almost a week. I have spoken to many technicians and engineers and keep getting passed along with “it’s not on our end, it’s NBN”. We have have an NBN technician out to the house who has confirmed that it is in fact on TPGs end. We have also been told by multiple TPG technicians that our lack of internet is due our connection being “re-jumped” to somebody else’s modem. I was also told that basically we are paying for someone else to use the internet. I’ve have tried getting this sorted each day and have been getting the run around of technicians passing me to engineers and vice versa with no results. Even after having the NBN technician out, I was told by TPG that they’re just going to pass it back to NBN cause “it’s not on our end”.
This is unacceptable as I am paying for a service and not able to use it. I understand mistakes can happen, but solutions should also be available. When I try and get more of an answer then “I’ll transfer you”, I am greeted with attitude by the technician/engineer.

I have work and assignments due which require internet and due to current lockdowns, I’m not able to go anywhere else to use internet and since it’s been nearly a week, I’ve used all my mobile data already to compensate.

If I could be contacted by someone with a solution, that would be very much appreciated.

Hi @tjleenards


Thanks for raising this with us and we apologise for the inconvenience.


We've reviewed the notes and understand that a TPG Technician is booked to check the service.

We'll chase this with our NBN Engineers to raise this further and make sure to resolve this as soon as possible.