Formal complaint

Level 2
I want to make a formal complaint on my moving home request.
1. I am charged $99 for early termination fee when I was in a no lock in contract.
2. I am charged another $99 for change in plan from ADSL to NBN but it was not a change in plan but a change in home. In the new address the only option that was given to me was NBN. So I didn’t change the plan.
BTW I was charged $89 when I started the moving home request.
Another issue is that I got a message last thrsday that my NBN is active but I don’t have internet connection still. I have gone on many chats and made call to the technical support team. They keep asking me to do the same thing that connect to modem ( from a different device and update username and password but of no use. Internet is still not connected they end the discussion stating that they are starting a ticket with NBN engineer when I call next they advise that NBN has advised that there is no issues at their end. In fact I messaged the engineer who came to connect the NBN box and he said the same that there is no issue at their end. It’s just going in circle between NBN and TPG with no real solution.

I clearly don’t want my charges to be started on the day that I received that NBN is active as I didn’t get internet connection then.

Also this is not my first experience with TPG on not connecting in time. Even when I moved to my house earlier almost 20 months back, had the same bad experience.

Next moving home definitely I’ll not choose TPG.