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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC

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I'm experiencing frequent dropouts throughout the day with my HFC connection. After rebooting the modem, the connection is back to normal and then it drops again after running for few hours. I contacted TPG support  and was suggested to reset the NTD and router. Has anyone had any frequent dropouts on HFC and how it was handled by TPG? I am seriously considering finding a new provider if TPG cannot fix the issue.


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Not what we like to hear! Allow me to check your account so we can determine what's causing these dropouts.


We have tried to pull up your records using your community details, but we're struggling to find an exact match. Can you help me out by sending me a PM with your customer ID or username and the service address?


If you're not familiar with how to send a PM, please check this link.



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The connection has been restored after replacing NTD and NBN technician did some follow up work.