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Frequent Dropouts on NBN HFC

Level 1a

I have raised an issue of constant dropouts with NBN. This has escalated to the TIO resolutions team. So far TPG has refused the following.


1) A technician to come to my premises to fault find
2) A trial upgrade of speed in order to ascertain whether the fault is due to TPG speed limiting uploading by turning off connection. 
3) Formal evidence of connection stability during monitoring. 
The NBN connection is still unstable, to the point that I have been loosing connectivity for at least 30mins per day.
Level 3

I feel your pain. Not HFC but similar issues.  No answer for you, but be aware there is an Telco Ombudmsmen, and Vividwireless.  Yes its slow...but stable 

Level 3

Sorry Just saw you have raised it with TIO already. Well done


Hi @Aquatic81,


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My apologies for the poor experience. I checked the account and learned that our Engineering team is handling this case. I'll chase this up with them and have someone to contact you within the day to provide an update on the case that was raised with them.


Thank you.