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Getting a Faulty Modem replaced

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I'm a very long time TPG customer.  I switched from ADSL2+ to HFC NBN in late Jan. I’m using the TPG supplied Archer modem. I believe it’s faulty. From the beginning it would occasionally drop wifi and/or internet access, but now it’s occurring almost every day. I can see my home wireless network but I cannot connect to it. Sometimes (but not always) I will also lose internet access when this WiFi problem occurs.


The only solution is to disconnect the modem from power and do a hard restart (a “soft” reset does not work). I need a new modem.


I tried to contact TPG via their online chat service today.  After waiting online for more than an hour as I got to the top of the queue without warning my chat was closed by the tech before I even spoke to him!!


How on earth do I get my problem resolved??


Welcome to TPG Community,

Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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