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Getting truly fed up with the pathetic peak speeds (NBN 100 plan)

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So moved into a new home late last month and got connected on Oct 8th with TPG to NBN 100 plan.  


All is good off-peak and I average speeds 90mbps-95mpbs. However, as soon as 7.15-7.30pm hit I'm lucky if I get 2mbps. And as for Sunday afternoons? Embarrassingly even worse, although never thought that was possible until now.


As proof of the dismal speeds seescreenshotsots of attached of some days last week after the wall is hit.


Sort this out, otherwise you will lose another customer.


Hi @melbourne73,


Welcome to the community! 


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with the speed of your service during peak times, specially every Sunday afternoon. 

We have grown as a group to be the 2nd largest provider of NBN services and was recently rated #1 for NBN download speed in very busy hours - ACCC July 2018 speed monitoring report so if you are not receiving great speeds then we would definitely like to look into this further.


I went ahead and searched for your account on my system using your community details and I was able to make a match. We can see that your ongoing speed issue has been passed on to our technical team and a callback has been scheduled for troubleshooting assistance. 


While waiting for the callback, you may utilise the following community articles below with some helpful speed troubleshooting tips that may also assist you: 


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