Help from tpg

Level 2
I have received a few text messages that all is good to go with the nbn box but for the last week now I only get two blue lights at best - I have tried numerous times to get in contact with tpg for help but nothing - it doesn’t matter what time I try on your web site as it always says you are busy and I have called many times and even spoken to a few people that log the call and state that someone will be in contact shortly but nothing so far.
What is the next step ? -

Hi guybennett,


My apologies if you are not able to reach our support people.

I have check your internet account, it still on installation process.

NBN FTTC (white box) will need 4 blue lights up, then connected to the TPG modem and confirmed the 5 green lights up before you can use the internet.

You can check the status of it online. We will contact you when the appointment day is closer.